American National Bank’s Online Cash Management service gives you the ability to create electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. ACH transactions are an effective way to handle payroll, cash concentration, and disbursements.

Payroll Direct Deposits

Payroll processing is used by many employers to pay employees by directly depositing funds into each employee’s personal account.

  • Save time and expense when compared to paying by check.
  • Reduce the risk of lost checks, fraudulent activity, and stop payment and check reissue expenses.
  • Offers your employees the convenience of making their funds immediately available on regular pay schedules even during vacations, illnesses, etc.


Streamline the process of making repetitive payments to individual and corporate accounts by electronically depositing funds directly into their financial institution accounts.

  • Replaces wire transfers
  • Reduces cost per item
  • Simplifies funding and cash forecasting

Cash Concentration

Consolidate your deposits from accounts at multiple banks into your central operating account. Cash Concentration is an automated intra-company funds collection system.

  • You have the ability to predict funds availability in order to improve your company’s total cash management capability.
  • Eliminates the cost of preparing depository transfer checks.
  • Automates transactions that were formerly processed with expensive wire transfers.

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