I would like to express my strongest gratitude for the role American National Bank played in securing the PPP payment. I was brought into ANB by Daniel Korolev and every single individual I have dealt with subsequently has been highly knowledgeable, very understanding, attentive and helpful. I am 74 years old and still practice medicine full time. Many of my employees have been with me for 15-20 years. In the spring of 2020, my accountants felt I needed to close the practice because of the amount of money that would be needed from my retirement funds to keep the practice going. The PPP program allowed me to keep going and retain all of my employees. I would not have been able to do it without the PPP and I would not have received the PPP if it were not for American National Bank and their personnel. I was getting nowhere with the large bank in Manhattan that had been my bank for years when Daniel came to the rescue.

Whatever line of work we are in, we mostly hear the complaints or negative aspects of our efforts. Rest assured that each of you played a vital role in keeping an old doctor seeing his patients and a loyal staff off the unemployment docket.


-N. Patrick Hennessey, MD

In this age of Automated Banking, it is an absolute joy to be able to speak directly to a Banker and receive immediate answers. American National Bank is a very well run institution catering to its customers with the utmost care.

Thank you all.

Wendy W.

Accounting Supervisor

American National Bank is an amazing bank. Not only do they take care of all our financial needs in a professional and courteous manner, most importantly they care and are very personable. Our Senior Personal Banker is the best. She is very knowledgeable about all of our accounts and she can never do enough to help, advise, and always respond quickly to any inquiry we have. This has certainly been the best banking experience we have ever had.

Lorraine S.

Office Manager

I just want to take a minute to express to you how very much we appreciate and value our relationship with you and with American National Bank. We have been banking with you since early 2000 and you have always provided us with the utmost in courteous, expedient, and knowledgeable service. ANB continually improving their customer service offerings and you never fail to provide an immediate response to any of our questions or concerns, which is invaluable in a successful banking relationship.

We are looking forward to banking with you well into the future!


Ana Z.



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