IRS Alert

Three Tips To Protect Against Tax Season Refund Scams

The IRS is urging taxpayers and tax professionals to be vigilant; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides some simple guidance on how to spot new scams aimed at being able to file fake tax returns.

Apparently, there are actually three certainties in life: death, taxes, and scams revolving around taxes. This according to the IRS, as part of their annual Security Summit. As with any major event that has the attention of millions of people simultaneously, tax season is no exception. We’ve seen in recent years a consistent surge in tax-related scams in the months before taxes are due in the United States.  Here are three simple ways the IRS said you can spot scams:

  1. Given that many scams impersonate the IRS, the recommendation is to first realize that the method of communication should be scrutinized. Most scams start with an email or a text – communication mediums the IRS almost never uses. Official IRS communication is most often handled through the mail. 

  2. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for a scam to pretend to be a well-known tax preparation company or online service claiming to get you a refund… “guaranteed”.

  3. Those responsible for the organization’s finances could also be targeted in an attempt to solicit payments. Be sure those individuals remain vigilant as we move into the months leading up to April 15.